Warning: Only attempt this if you are okay with sudden bursts of emotions that you didn’t even know you were capable of having. 

Quitting sugar for a week is something that sounds easy-peasy but in reality, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Let me take you on my week-long journey of crying, sulking, questioning my existence and then eventually … ? 

Read on to find out if I survived this horror or wussed out like a baby!


Day 1 – The first day was painful

Quitting sugar for a week might sound like an easy thing to do but in reality, it’s not a piece of cake, literally! Especially if you live on chocolates and candy and ice cream like I do. 

I had to get rid of all my stash of sweet goodies and God, was it a painful experience to see it all go to waste. My heart was crying, and so was I. It was like bidding goodbye to a long term lover.

Yes, I admit that I’m a connoisseur of unhealthy eating habits. Bite me! Like I bite into a bar of chocolate every day. And every night.

Day 2 – I found myself surrounded by sugar

The worst part is, it’s not just these desserts but everything from your tea to your daily toast.

Everything I thought of eating, had some amount of sugar in it. Cereal, bread, butter… everything.

I literally skipped breakfast because I’ve never gone a day without eating toast and cheating on it with anything else didn’t feel right to me.

Day 3 – My cravings got worse

It started getting worse. There were times my cravings got so bad that I started fantasizing about eating raw sugar.


My sugar-deprived body was indifferent to logic and I couldn’t focus on anything. My mood dipped considerably. 

Day 4 – I decided not to give up

And even though I was drooling every time someone even mentioned the word ‘dessert’, I held onto my horses and kept up with the challenge because MOMMA DIDN’T RAISE A QUITTER!

Slowly and slowly, my body and mind adapted to this sugarless lifestyle, and I gotta admit, it’s not that difficult after the first few days are over.

Also, bye-bye acne! The pimples on my face started fading away, and I was ecstatic.

Day 5 – My co-workers hate me. God hates me.

The day when all was going smoothly and I was winning at this game of being sugar-free, my office had a birthday party and a 3 kg cake was brought in. Covered in layers and layers of dark chocolate.

And while everyone gorged on that black beauty of cocoa heaven, I sat at my desk, sipping on some sugar-less tea. 

I cried in the bathroom that day.

Day 6 – I didn’t break my promise to myself.

After the whole cake shenanigan, I realized that even though I was dying for a taste, I didn’t break my oath. 

Proud moment, plis clap!


Whenever anyone offered me something sweet, I was able to turn them down without even flinching.

Day 7 – My sleeping pattern had a significant improvement

I started sleeping on time since I wasn’t shoving my face in bars and bars of chocolate during the day and giving myself an irregular sugar rush and a sugar crash.

I was fairly active and that made it possible to get some much-needed sleep at night.

Sleeping on time has always been a struggle and now when I had it in my control, I wasn’t gonna let it go so easily.

It’s not a luxury everyone has.

Also, even though it was just a week, I felt I had more energy and lost a few inches around my waist. Is there anything better than weight loss? NO, THERE ISN’T!

All in all, even though it isn’t as easy as it sounds, it wasn’t impossible. 

You do get a little irritated and anxious initially but once your body rids itself of the toxins, you’re good to go.

Now the week is over and I can go back to doing whatever the hell I want but guess what? I’m going to ditch my old ways and try to keep up with this lifestyle. 

Maybe not cut-out sugar completely but definitely keep a check on it.

It’s worth it!