It’s been almost seven decades since we hoisted the tricolor as free Indians, but the rampant corruption today makes it all look like a meaningless gesture. Somewhere down the line, we traded our strong voices for unified silence and our strength for compliance. Yes, corruption is a two-way street. It’s not just the ones who take undue advantages of their positions, but also those who become a party to it by staying silent. In fact, it’s unfortunate how we seem to have accepted it as a ‘necessary evil.’

This video by Paytm, however, shows that no matter how dire the situation may be, there is always a solution. In our case, the way to curb corruption is to cut off its most important catalyst: cash. 

This Independence day, let’s #EndCorruption by going cashless. Whether it’s your local kirana store or your daily auto or taxi fare, #PaytmKaro and make digital payments instead of cash. Let’s slide over delicious vada-pavs instead of wads.