We’ve all heard this line. When we started out in 10th grade, then again in 12th and then in college as well. Somehow, we just kept struggling to ‘sort our lives out’. But what about those like me who are more into sports or other co-curricular activities and a little less inclined towards studies?

“Bas beta ye class pass karlo, fir tumhari life sorted hai.”

I remember once I was being punished along with a classmate for making too much noise during class. For some reason, the teacher decided to call my parents because I was more into football while the other guy was sort of a bookworm, so he was let off with a warning.

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But then that was his strength. I’ve never had anything against those kids who immersed themselves in books throughout their school lives, while some of us did everything else but that, because our strengths lay elsewhere.

It is never bad to learn and by an extension of that thought, it is always a good thing to score well in your exams. When you’re finally done with your studies, you have all sorts of friends & acquaintances from the different institutes you went to. Some of them scored more than you and some less, but how much does that really matter ten or twenty years down the line?

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I’ve always wondered that when a teacher looks down upon you because you aren’t a good student, do they not realise that everyone’s potential is different? You can’t point at a topper and say – “you should be more like him.” What about the other students? There are so many who fall between those who fail and the one who tops the class. And if any teacher has ever said this to you, forget about it. You need to be the best of you, not somebody else!

For those of you writing your exams this year, don’t worry! Marks aren’t the end of the world. It is shocking how we read about people committing suicide for not getting good marks. Who do we blame for that? The teachers? The parents? Or society?

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I was thankfully blessed with parents who never said, “Sirf 98 kyu aaye? 2 marks kaha gaye?” And that is why I can tell you that no matter what marks you get, you can still be successful in life. Exams can’t gauge your strengths. 

The world is filled with so many successful people, and not all of them were good students. There are countless stories of great men and women who sucked at studying. So would you rather be a good student or would you prefer being someone great? All you have to do is believe in yourself, and you can do it.


I wish I had teachers, who instead of ridiculing me would’ve encouraged me to do better at sports. If they wouldn’t have put me under so much pressure, may be I would have scored more as well. There will always be people who will compare you with others, but never let that get to your head, no matter which field you’re in.

They say there will never be another Sachin. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be any great batsmen now. Speaking of Sachin, you know how he flunked school, right? Yes, we may not all have the support he had from his family. But we all have the capability of being great and exams don’t have anything to do with that.


No matter how much you score right now, five years down the line they won’t remember you as the best or the worst student, they will know you for who you are. It’s okay to not be the best student as long as you give it your best. Once you know you’ve done everything to score well, your work is done. 

If the results don’t show now, your hard work will pay off some other time. But for now, chill out! Study because you have to learn and not because you have to score. Study because you want to know more and not just because you want to score more.

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I know you must be worried about further admissions or the stream you want to choose, but things will pan out as long as you remain positive. And never get into something you don’t want to do. Don’t settle on becoming an average doctor if you can become a great photographer. Talk to your parents and tell them what you want to do. If you believe in it, eventually they will too.

Just do your best and let everything else unfold. ‘The future you’ will figure things out when the time comes. Yes, good marks will help your cause in many ways so don’t neglect your studies. Do as much as you can. 

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For now, study but don’t worry.