If you have ever, under the fit of vanity, clicked 30 selfies from 10 different face and light angles just to upload one on social media, we have something in store for you. And its not a very pleasing news.


Selfies today have become one of the many ways to communicate and a significant tool in self branding. They let you out the carefully planned, whimsical side of you. 

But a recent study states quite the contrary. People who take too many selfies indulge in self favouring biases and might actually not be that attractive to the alternate crowd.


To prove this, a study was conducted at the University Of Toronto, headed by Daniel E. Re and Nicholas O. Rule, along with a team of researchers.

The study included 198 people, out of which 100 were regular selfie takers. Each of them was made to click one selfie and one photo clicked by others. The authors concluded that while the non-selfie takers viewed both photos similarly, the regular selfie takers perceived themselves as more attractive and likable in their selfies than in others’ photos. Notably, the external judges mentioned that self-enhancing misconceptions did support the selfie-takers’ positive evaluations of their selfies.

So, no need to crave for that chiseled picture of you! You are anyway not going to end up in the likable list!

But no, wait! One last selfie with this post?


Masthead Image Source:Cosmopolitan | Feature Image Source: Giphy