In association with The Hindu

I still remember the first time I ever read a book. I’d begrudgingly picked it out from the pile of tomes at the school library. I say ‘begrudgingly’ because it was, frankly, a shoddy little thing; the dark green hardbound was scraped at the sides, and the colour had faded to reveal the dirty brown cardboard. The spine was falling apart, so much so that I was afraid one wrong move would turn it into tatters. I’d had no choice, though: I’d been slow in getting to the shelves, and all the ‘good’ books (the brand-new ones, that is) had been taken by other kids. 

Sighing, I sat back down in my seat and opened it. In that moment, I knew what my calling in life was to be. From the flimsy, yellowed pages wafted up a musty smell that encompassed my senses. It was woody, warm, and inviting in the way the tales of your grandmother are by the fireside. Someone had loved that book, and I felt like it was my duty to do the same. So I did. I ventured into the world of books and never looked back. So, of course, when I came across this ad by The Hindu for their Sunday Edition, I could see myself nodding along to every scene. 

A stalwart of Indian Journalism since its inception, the newspaper celebrates the joy of reading in this beautiful video. Their idea is simple: doesn’t matter whether you read to stay informed or entertained, the exhilaration of feasting your eyes upon the written word will never fade. Keeping this in mind, the new super-sized edition will carry a little something for everyone.