In the rat-race that we often to refer to as modern life, we’re missing out on tiny little pleasures that makes us who we really are. We’re stuck in this limbo where we are unsure of what we’re doing but we continue doing it anyway. An Italian illustrator wrote to Bored Panda with his artwork in which he captures these illusions.

Here are a few illustrations of Marco Melgrati who has perfectly captured our unending battle of life in the modern era – 

1. Your social stature depends on our presence on social media.


2. Our love-hate relationships with a lot of people.


3. Our constant struggle to build our own selves.


4. Sometimes, the best way to solve a problem is by getting rid of it.


5. Our constant struggle for more ‘likes’.


6. We love to pretend being someone else because we are ashamed of our true selves.


7. The sign of a healthy relationship is no sign of it on social media.


8. Karma is a bitch!


9. We’re like bees in a hive.


10. When your brain isn’t as celebrated as your ass.


11. We all know who pulls the strings of our leaders.


12. Does democracy really exist?


13. Only you have the power to forget what hurts you.


14. Our idea of ‘love’.


15. Everybody needs somebody.


It’s so beautiful how an artist can capture the essence of life through such simple artwork.

H/T- Bored Panda