There are two types of people in this world: people who love Batman and Batman. 

One can spend his/her entire life trying to be as badass as the Dark Knight but we all know how that will end. However, outside all that tough-guy and super cool exterior is a guy who is adorably lame and jobless just like us, as Sarah Johnson reveals through her website

When not saving Gotham, Batman is super busy feeding ducks, reading books, playing see saw all by himself, chilling inside a cosy blanket fort and finding meaning in the small things in life, just like us. Oh and he does all that in full costume, just in case he has to rush for an emergency.

Take a look at Sarah Johnson’s awesome work here:

When that couch is so damn cosy

When you are feeling super productive but there just is not enough work

When your mom asks you to do chores but your coolness gets in the way

When you want to chill but none of your friends are free

When all your friends want to party but you don’t, so, you go and hide

When you meet your ‘person’ and want to spend quality time together

When you don’t know how to cook but also don’t want to seem like a dysfunctional adult

When you are tired of adulting

When you decide to finally roller-skate away from all the bullshit of this world

All the gifs are made by and belong to Sarah Johnson

You can see her work on her Tumblr or her website.