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The other day I came across a story on Palava smart city and was impressed by the number of features they were offering to their residents. Not just that, it has also been ranked as the No. 1 emerging city of India, and if you think the good folks at Palava were done surprising us ‘real estate loyalists’, then behold ’cause their currently-under-construction, Palava Prime Square will make every other neighbourhood look boring. It houses a plethora of amenities that aims to bring you the best of the good life, which also makes it the most happening neighbourhood in Palava. It plays by its own rules and has its own boating zone, children’s museum, Ferris wheel and *drum rolls* possibly the largest mall in India. All of this puts Palava in a league of its own, doesn’t it? 

You can take a quick look at the upcoming mall to witness its mini version – a model built using toy building blocks, put on display for eager customers, between February 28 and March 3rd at Xperia Mall. I don’t know about you, but I may find myself there! I’d strongly persuade people interested in architecture and real estate to be there so that you don’t feel pangs of guilt later.

And, in case you think building this opulent miniature was child’s play then I must tell you that it took 400 man hours and over 15,000 pieces to build and itna toh banta hain, we’re talking about India’s largest mall, people! The mall promises to be a catalyst in the urban rejuvenation of Palava with amenities like shopping arcade, restaurants, XD cinema and many more exciting avenues for family entertainment. The open-air mall is also unique since it combines the convenience of a shopping mall and the thrill of an amusement park.

Sounding the alarm and already laying my cards, Palava will redefine the future of urbanisation in India. It’s an integrated live-work-learn-play city, with all comforts and conveniences of an international city at prices which the Indian middle class and smart corporate aspire. 

The pursuit of excellence, uncompromised elegance and unparalleled customer experience, and not to forget, the upcoming largest mall in the country; all this and much more is at Prime Square – Palava‘s most happening neighbourhood! To know more about Palava, visit their Facebook page and Instagram handle! You can also know more about them here.