The Indian Army has always lived up to its pledge of safeguarding the country’s borders and today if we feel safe, it’s all because of the commitment of these courageous men donning the olive green uniform. Our army has many victories to its name, and the stories of sacrifice of our soldiers fill us with immense pride and gratitude. And it’s not just during the wars; the Indian Army is the third largest contributor to the UN peace-keeping mission. 

So, today as we celebrate the 71st Army Day, we express gratitude for the sacrifices made by our valiant soldiers who risk their lives so that fellow citizens remain safe. Here is a list of wars fought and won by the Indian Army:

1. First War of Kashmir against Pakistan, 1947

Soon after the country was partitioned, Pakistan sent its soldiers and armed tribesmen to sneak into Kashmir and take control. Wanting to occupy the region, Pakistani forces ignited revolt. When the situation heightened, the ruler of J&K requested the Indian government for help, and agreed that Jammu and Kashmir will join India as one of its states. 

The situation in Kashmir was brought under control by the soldiers of the Indian Army, who successfully suppressed the rebellion. They regained the territory occupied by infiltrators and pushed them back into Pakistan.

2. Liberation of Goa, 1961

The Britishers left our country in 1947, but Goa was still under Portuguese control. Though the Indian government was in talks with the Portuguese dictator Antonio Salazar, he had no intention of relinquishing his control. It was after a few acts of violence by the Portuguese police against innocent Indians that the government decided to take control of the region by force. 

The Indian Army launched an attack by air, sea, and ground, bringing 451 years of Portuguese colonial rule to an end within 36 hours. And this is how Goa became a part of India!


3. Second War with Pakistan, 1965

At a time when India was still recovering from the scars of the 1962 Indo-China war, and battling an acute food-crises, Pakistan – assuming that India was at its most vulnerable state – launched a surprise attack. 

This, however, proved to be a sheer miscalculation on Pakistan’s part as the Indian Army emerged victorious, halting the Pakistan-sponsored insurgency in Kashmir once again.

4. Indo-China Conflict, 1967

The victory of the Indian Army in this skirmish came as a rude shock to the Chinese, who weren’t expecting defeat. Overconfident by the victory of 1962, China refused to accept the McMahon Line – the international border between India and China. 

The Chinese installed loudspeakers at Nathu La pass (a mountain pass connecting the Indian state of Sikkim with China’s Tibet Autonomous Region), and warned the Indian soldiers to withdraw from the border which they perceived existed. When the Chinese army infiltrated into Sikkim, the Indian Army retaliated and gave a bloody nose to the Chinese soldiers.

5. Third Indo-Pakistan War, 1971

This is one of the major victories of the Indian Army that established democracy across our eastern border. The Bengali population in East Pakistan was being suppressed by Pakistani forces. It was thanks to the Indian Army soldiers that East Pakistan could secure freedom, and a new nation called Bangladesh was born. 

The war came to an end after Pakistani troops accepted defeat, and signed the formal document of surrender.

6. Kargil War, 1999

In the winter of 1998-99, when the India Army vacated its higher peak posts in Kargil area of J&K to return after the passage of winter, the Pakistani military crossed the LoC and occupied these posts. They also occupied Tiger Hill, the highest peak in the sector, from where they could easily see the military headquarters of the Indian Army, and keep an eye on all the troop and supply movements. Soldiers of Indian Army made history when they defeated Pakistani forces and evicted infiltrators. 

The war went on for over 60 days, and our army fought bravely in difficult terrain and extremely cold conditions. After a fierce battle, India re-captured Tiger Hill and Operation Vijay was declared successful.

We sleep peacefully at night because they stay awake protecting us. The nation will be ever-grateful to these brave soldiers.