A majority of news that comes from India-Pakistan border includes that of cross-border firing and ceasefire violations by our neighbour.

This time, however, it’s our army’s humane gesture that has made the news. According to a recent report by Deccan Chronicle, when a little boy crossed the LOC by mistake, the Indian army treated him with gifts and sent him back!    


11-year-old Mohammad Abdullah from Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (PoK) had wandered off into the Indian territory. The army handed him over to the Jammu & Kashmir police where they carried out the formalities required to repatriate the boy. 

Before sending him back to his homeland, the army also gifted him with new clothes and a box of sweets.


According to a report by Deccan Chronicle, the innocent boy was released on humanitarian grounds. This is also a step towards bolstering India’s ties with Pakistan. As per a spokesperson:

The Indian Army stands by its ethos of being a humane force and maintains sensitivity while dealing with innocent civilians.

Great move!