A pregnant Indian woman Alexandria Rintoul is not being able to start her family in Scotland with her husband because her English is too good for entry to the UK.

Alexandria, 22, wanted to join her husband Mr Bobby Rintoul, 33, in their house in Scotland to spend their first Christmas together. The couple, who got married in May, has already been living apart for three months.

According to BBC, her visa has been rejected simply because she passed the advanced International English Language Testing System exam than the basic IELTS one that’s required.

The couple had hired an immigration lawyer who had asked them to take the higher exam. Alexandria’s rejection letter reads she has overqualified herself by taking a more advanced test than required.

A frustrated Bobby told BBC:

“It’s just a money making outfit as they could have used some discretion and accepted the higher qualification.”

The whole process has already cost the couple a sum of around 3 lakh rupees and the immigration authorities will reconsider her visa if she takes the test again which will cost another 1.5 lakhs.

Alexandria told The Scottish Sun:

“I’m supposed to be spending money on my baby, my house, my new family and here I am paying bills for this money sucking visa refused because they aren’t satisfied I come from a country that speaks English.”

Bobby has taken last minute flights to India so that he could be with his wife on Christmas. He is saddened over not being able to be with her to support her during this time.

She now has to wait for a 30 working day period to find out if her reapplication gets through. 

In the meanwhile, Alexandria has been living in hotels in Bangalore, away from her husband and her home in Shillong.

We hope the entire matter is resolved as soon as possible and Alexandria settles down in her newly made home.

All pictures are from Bobby Rintoul’s Facebook.