I think most people in India go about life in a very similar way. Go to work in the morning, complain about it in the evening, get super tired, sleep, and do it all over again. And once this vicious cycle starts, it’s difficult to stop pedaling because we all want the same things really – a successful, happy life with a secure future.

But we never realise that we might be ruining our present in search of what could be an elusive dream. What’s the point in taking so much stress to live out the last few years of your life in comfort by spending the major chunk of it in fatigue?


Sadly, most of us don’t think that way. Such is the work-life balance in our country. It’s just how we’ve always been conditioned. But is this mad rat race making us sick? 

If a census published by The Atlas & conducted by Mintel is anything to go by, our jobs really are making us ill and stressed. The data collected by Mintel last June shows that around one in every five Indians between the age of 18 to 64 is concerned about being tired. That’s 22% of our working population!

If we look at females alone, the number spikes to 25%. 


Now, we already have external factors like pollution to worry about. So this isn’t really contributing to our well-being. Diet can be taken care of, and sure, we can go for the occasional jog and work-out session to beat diabetes and heart diseases. But what good are those muscles and six packs if fatigue ruins it all for us?

True that a few night shifts and late working hours might help you get noticed at work but is it really worth falling sick for? 


In 2016, India ranked 4th on the most vacation-deprived nation list. And on a weekly basis, most millennials work for about 52 hours. Which is way more than what citizens of other countries clock in. 

Looks like we Indians really need to sit down and ask ourselves some important questions.

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