After the deadly terrorist attack in Pulwama, Jammu & Kashmir the country naturally grieved over the unjust loss of life and condemned the cowardly act. In the face of such crisis, many people stepped up to help not only the families of martryred soldiers but also Kashmiris who have become targets of verbal and physical abuse.

1. When DM of Bihar’s Sheikhpura district adopted the daughters of two martyrs

In a heartwarming gesture, DM Inayat Khan, of Bihar’s Sheikhpura district adopted the daughters of two CRPF jawans who were martyred during the attacks. She promised to support their education and living expenses, while also donating her two days’ salary to two grieving families.

She further urged people of her district to come forward and donate money for the families of the martyred jawans, and a bank account was set up for the same.

2. When a couple from Surat cancelled their wedding reception and donated 11 lakhs to families of the martyred jawans

When the news of the attack hit the nation, Seth and Sanghvi family from Surat decided to scale back the lavish wedding of their children Ami and Meet to honour the soldiers. They decided to donate ₹11 lakh to the families of the martyred jawans and in fact, forego the wedding reception completely. 

3. When various celebrities from different industries offered financial assistance to the martyred soldiers’ families

Former cricketer Virender Sehwag promised to fund the education of the children of the martyred jawans, while boxer Vijender Singh – who now works with the Haryana Police – decided to donate his one month’s salary to the grieving families. 

Even cricketer Shikhar Dhawan promised to offer a donation for the families, and urged others to do the same, as per their financial capabilities.

The film fraternity also came out in support of the families of the martyred jawans and offered financial assistance. 

4. When Khalsa Aid rushed to the rescue of Kashmiri students under attack from angry mobs

When Kashmiri students across the nation were allegedly under attack from angry mobs, Khalsa Aid coordinated with the Jammu and Kashmir Students’ Organisation (JKSO) to help arrange safe transport, food, and shelter for the students. Many gurudwaras also sheltered students and traders seeking respite from the crowd. 

5. When various organizations and individual citizens came forward to offer help to distressed Kashmiris

In the wake of the attacks, many Kashmiri traders and students were allegedly under attack from angry mobs within the country itself. In such trying times both organization and individuals offered support, dispelled rumors, and shared helpline numbers (along with #SOSKashmir) on social media. 

While the anger and hurt that each citizen feels at this dastardly act is natural, it is important – especially in such dire situations – to not let heightened emotions and foreign influence wreck havoc with national unity and harmony. In fact, this is the time where humanity should stand above everything else and these acts prove it more than anything else.