While most of us are dwelling in negativism, never really looking at the brighter side of life, here’s a man who’s certainly inspiring many people with his never-say-die attitude.

Meet Varun Khuller, India’s first differently-abled DJ who’s also the world’s second after Sir Paul Johnson. 


As shared in an interview with the Sunday Guardian, the 26-year-old met with an accident while traveling to Manali and was declared a SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) patient during treatment, which means that he was paralyzed below the waist. 

This limited his life within the four falls of his home for two years, leading to depression.


But this did not stop him from pursuing what he loved the most, DJ-ing. 

I always wanted to become a producer and DJ before my injury but was never able to make it a profession because of all sorts of pressures. But I have been passionate about it since a long time. So after my injury I never thought about how I will complete my master’s in journalism but the thought of how I will pursue DJ-ing haunted me. 

He learned music production for three years and before getting into a professional course, he made sure to read enough books and watch YouTube videos as well. 

Though his family were suspicious, at first, about his choice of career, knowing the difficulties he may face, they continued to support him nevertheless. 


He never had doubts about his abilities to become a DJ and soon, his dream became his reality.

Learning music was the primary reason I never felt that I am paralysed. So I never had a doubt… You have to find good in any kind of a situation and everything starts falling into place.

Inspired by Sir Paul Johnson, who made him believe in himself, Varun understood how one has to find motivation within themselves to achieve what one truly desires.


Living a country like India which is majorly insensitive to differently-abled people, things did not come easy for him. He faced a lot of awkward situations. Unwanted sympathy, uncomfortable gazes and rude comments are unfortunately part of his everyday life.  

He has put out a message for everyone urging the authorities to give equal rights to differently-abled people and come up with inclusive spaces and easier modes of transport.


He has so far performed at Kitty Su, Greeshm Utsav and Social Spaces and wants to make it bigger with Magnetic Fields, Tomorrow Land, UMF and Supersonic in the future. 

He wants to be recognized because of his work and not for his disability. 

Varun undoubtedly is an inspiration for everyone, making us believe that you never should give up on your dreams!

H/T: Sunday Guardian