India is a land of brave people. A land of people who go to extreme lengths to prove their point. Maybe, that’s why we have some or the other Indian at a top position in almost every profession.

Just like any other proud Indian, this 34-year-old ‘Man of Steel’, Amandeep Singh from Haryana also has a dream.


But, fulfilling his dream is not a walk in the park. He aims at breaking 50 separate records and become the world’s strongest man. Stunts like taking a sledgehammer to his private parts and letting a car run over his stomach.


Let’s take you on a painful journey of his stunts. Okay, let’s take this guy swinging his sledgehammer in front of him. No big deal.


Holy shit, he hit him in the balls with that swing! 

Wait a minute, now he will place a brick on his ahem ahem and break it with the hammer. 


He is picking people up with his teeth and here I am, afraid of opening a beer bottle with them.


Look at him chilling while a car runs over his stomach.


And now here he is, stopping 20 motorbikes from moving with his bare arms.


And of course there’s letting people jump on his stomach from a ladder. I just threw up a little, not even kidding.

Here he is breaking 53 beer bottles in a row using his hand.


There’s literally no stopping for this guy.


 Take that John Abraham.


While speaking to Daily Mail, Amandeep said:

“After years of hard work, I can do more than 3000 types of stunts. I am only expanding my horizon as a tough stuntman. I am always willing to do what people find impossible. I was easily lifting a man and a bike so I thought why not push myself a little and it worked after some practice. After such rigorous training, I don’t get hurt even if a car runs over my head.”

The training started early for this man of steel, he learnt martial arts from the age of seven and right now more than 3,000 students come to him every month to receive self-defense and karate training.

He is now waiting for his records to be verified by Guinness World Record officials.