Every nook and corner of our enchanting country is a sight to behold if you have the vision to see its beauty… or if you have an Instagram account.

One such account on Instagram takes you to the streets of Chennai and gives you a unique perspective of this enchanting city that will bring out the photographer in you.

Welcome to the StreetsofSingaraChennai.

Step into the main city, get ready to test your legwork as you dodge the traffic. 

streetsofsingarachennaiPc: @kimmu1988

While also admiring its ancient architectural style of buildings, smack in the middle of everything.

 Squeeze yourself into the by-lanes to venture into the local markets.

streetsofsingarachennaiPc: @pras_captures

Hang around after the sun goes down to meet the city’s new avatar, full of exciting colours.

streetsofsingarachennaiPc: @dyophotography

Stop by a cinema hall the next day to get your dose of Kollywood.

streetsofsingarachennaiPc: @prasannasnap

If somehow you can’t catch a movie, don’t worry, you won’t be short of interesting characters outside.

streetsofsingarachennaiPc: @ranijetha_photography

 Their smiling faces will tell you a story about a happier way of life.

Where the ethereal survives to tells its tale everyday.

streetsofsingarachennaiPc: @anusha16_

 Zoom into everyday life and stop to admire these stunning backdrops.

streetsofsingarachennaiPc: @dineshkumarashokkumar

 Whether you gaze up or down, delightful art awaits you.

streetsofsingarachennaiPc: @umesh1312

 And when you’ve had enough of the city adventure, head out to the coast.

streetsofsingarachennaiPc: @streetphotographychennai

Where calm becomes your friend.

streetsofsingarachennaiPc: @din3sh

For more beautiful pictures from the streets of Chennai, check out this account.