Babies are a bundle of joy. However, they aren’t just cute and adorable. Their impressive set of skills and the amazing facts about them will surprise you. Did you know that every 3 seconds a baby is born and that a new born baby has just about one cup of blood in his body? Amazed? 

Here are some interesting facts about babies that you probably didn’t know:


Because nerve cells in his retina and brain that control vision are not fully developed.


In addition to their tongue, new born babies have taste buds on the roof, back, and sides of their mouth.


During pregnancy, the fetus can send stem cells from its own body to its mother to repair the mother’s damaged organ.


In a day, a baby’s brain can use up to 50% glucose in its body. This explains why they need so much sleep.


Yeah, it’s true. Their eyes are that big!


Though babies are born with working tear ducts and glands, initially they produce tears only to lubricate and protect the eye. However, these glands develop with time and start producing enough teardrops (when the baby is between 1 and 3 months old). 


As the baby grows, some of the bones, such as those in the skull, fuse together. This is why adults have only 206 bones in their bodies. 


However, the respiratory rate for a healthy adult at rest is 12–20 breaths per minute.


Their vision only allows them to see people and objects at their clearest when they are within 8 to 12 inches away.


Up until 7 months old, a baby can breathe and swallow at the same time.


The delay may be related to the development of kidneys, which start to process sodium at about that age.


At birth, babies do not have kneecaps but they do have a structure of cartilage that resembles kneecaps. They usually don’t develop them fully until after six months.


Yes! Their grasp is so strong that it may be able to support their own body weight. It is because of the reflex called the palmar grasp.


Babies are born with natural swimming abilities and can also hold their breath. However, these abilities quickly disappear.


Babies grow at an incredible rate during their first year. By the end of one year, a baby is likely to be triple his birth weight, and about one and a half times as tall as he was when he was born.


Girl babies may experience menstrual cycle which may last for about one week. However, some of them may experience the bleeding for a day or two while others don’t experience it at all. 


Yes, baby boys have swollen scrotums and they get erections not only after they are born but even while they are still in the womb.


Newborn babies of both sexes can occasionally produce milk. This milk is called neonatal milk.


This is fairly common in infants, and is harmless. In medical-speak, it is known as nocturnal lagophthalmos.

Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Illustration Courtesy: Suvojyoti Ray