We are the quiet ones who juggle with their phones at parties because we don’t know what to say. The shy ones who have great ideas but are overshadowed by the loud ones during meetings. We are the thinkers and the writers, the poets, and the singers. We are the introverts. 

Only a few people have successfully expressed what it is like to be one. One such talented woman is Rabia Kapoor, daughter of the incredible actor Rajat Kapoor. She recently performed a spoken word poem about introverts and their social anxieties in Kommune, Mumbai, and totally nailed it! 

Rabia only has one message for all those socially loud, limelight hungry and attention-seeking people, “Fuck you!”

Check out the video here:

This is Rabia’s tribute to the writers and the creators who are sensitive and have a perspective other than the popular one. 

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