From suffragettes throwing themselves under horses to millions of women marching on the streets, the fight for women’s rights has been a long road. And we are still nowhere close to getting them. The deeply entrenched inequality has seeped even into educated minds bred in stellar schools and colleges, so much so that even the most well-meaning person will come across as casually sexist without even realising it. This sexism is prevalent everywhere, in homes, in friends, in offices, in swanky lounges and posh clubs.


Women’s Day and celebrating it in order to celebrate women has gained prominence and yet we fail to grasp the real concept behind the day, treating a woman as an equal and just well, letting them be. We point out in the following creatives, the paradox behind celebrating Women’s Day.

Smash that inequality to the ground, ladies. Smash that shit.

Design Credit: Disha Bhanot