It goes without saying that parents always want the best for their children. Sure, there are often disagreements about what is the best thing for a child, but it’s important to remember that these differences arise primarily because of the fact that our parents had fewer options than we do. When it comes to career choices, parents often don’t realise that a child’s imagination runs wild, and in today’s day and age it is possible to be nearly anything from a DJ to a rocket scientist. 

This social experiment by Axis Mutual Fund shows how often parents and children are not on the same page, and how crucial it is to keep communication open. The reasons for this go beyond getting along harmoniously. Parents think that they know what their children want, but do they really? Watch the video below and find out. 

Children these days have innumerable career options and parents need to be emotionally and financially prepared to support their children. Dear parents, #DoYourHomework

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