Giampaolo Tomassetti, an Italian painter, was so fascinated by the Indian mythological epic Mahabharat that he studied it thoroughly for 5 years and then painted breathtaking pictures of it. 

Tomassetti was also a member of International Vedic Art Academy in Villa Vrindavan, Italy, for about 7 years. 

It took him 12 years to paint some of the most iconic scenes from the legendary epic.  


This is the cover page of the art series.

Krishna and Arjuna in the battlefield.

Bheem trying to remove the tail of Lord Hanuman.

Bhishma Pitamah.

Karna lifting the wheel of the chariot during the war.

Pandavas discussing the war strategy.

Kunti with her son Surya-putra Karna.

A scene from the game of dice between Kauravas and Pandavas.

Abhimanyu, the youngest son of Arjuna, throwing a chariot-wheel at Drona.

A fighting scene from the great battle of Mahabharat.

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Stunning, isn’t it?