What’s the one thing you always wished for but it seemed like an impossibility? Especially during summers? 

Well, you might be getting a lot of ideas but what I am talking about has something to do with ice-creams. And you know what happens to ice-creams in summers, they melt at Godspeed. And that, my friends, is very frustrating. Sticky, messy and all of that jazz.

Japanese researchers grasped this universal problem and came up with a solution that is sure to put a smile on your face: an ice-cream that doesn’t melt. 

This came to life after Japan’s bio therapy development research center discovered that a dessert when made using polyphenol – a liquid extract from strawberries – solidifies cream instantly. This happened after a pastry chef added strawberry polyphenol to dairy cream and it just magically solidified every time he added some. (This discovery wasn’t intended upon but just happened.)

This would have been seen as a failure but instead, they realized that they had struck gold which can be sold as a top-notch, world-loving, marketing feature. 

And that is exactly what happened. This ice-cream is rapidly gaining world attention and people, from all over the world, are flocking from all over to try it out. 

A Japanese news outlet Asahi Shimbun confirmed that the ice-cream really does not melt. After standing outside for five minutes in the 28-degree heat, the reporter’s dessert remained in tact.

Here’s a video.

Ah! What a wonderful world we are living in.