Before becoming the queen that she is, JK Rowling had to struggle a lot. The Harry Potter books were rejected multiple times before it became a rage and eventually an addiction. Not only that, The Cormoran Strike Novels that she wrote under the pen name of Robert Galbraith were rejected as well. 

So, as you can see, becoming a published author has nothing to do with your talent or how great a writer you are. Rowling is a living and breathing proof of that. 

However, after years of toiling when one’s book is rejected, it is only understandable that the author gets dejected. Something similar happened to Twitter user Dianne Brubaker, but like a rockstar she refused to let that get to her. She tweeted: 

Soon after, Rowling replied to her tweet and gave the world some much-needed inspiration. 

How would fans let that golden opportunity go to waste? So, they asked to see the rejection letters, to which she replied:

The Potter rejection letters were kept in her attic but the Robert Galbraith ones were nearby. Honestly, I am just surprised she hasn’t framed the Potter rejection letters already!

She showed the letters she received for her Cormoran Strike novels:

Somewhere in there, the publishers rejected her novel citing that they couldn’t see it becoming a “commercial success”. Now we know that it was grossly misjudged. 

Rowling did not stop with that only. She went on to tweet some life-lessons combined with inspirations and they were golden.

She kept the conversation going and even said:

If you are an aspiring author, listen to her wise words. 

Hail, Queen J! 

H/T: Distractify