Studies say that almost 70-80 percent people in the world, often complain of sciatica or back pain. While most of it could be attributed to long hours of sitting and the hazards of a sedentary lifestyle; the most common cause is something you might not have expected.

Keeping the wallet in the back pocket

This early age habit of keeping the wallet in the back pocket; sitting on it for long hours while driving/sitting, forces the pelvis and spine out of position.

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The wallet acts like a cram underneath the buttock, which triggers sciatica or back pain.

It creates an imbalance which the body automatically tries to correct, by keeping the head positioned centrally on the pelvis; forcing an unlikely egress from the usual position. This gives rise to excruciating back pain and may also compress sciatic nerves. 


It’s not just the wallet

Anything inside the back pocket may spawn the ‘pelvic tilt’ that can aggravate bodily harm. Even that precious phone of yours!

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So the next time you head out, ensure that your back pocket is left empty. This simple step can go a long way in ensuring a ‘no-pain’ lifestyle!

Feature image source: Firas Blog