In the city of Kolkata, where fire accidents are rife, this man sacrifices his own safety to help those trapped in flames. Meet Mr. Bipin Ganatra, India’s unsung hero.

“Fires come in red and blues. The blue ones are more lethal. And the roar tells you so much on what exactly the blaze is feeding on”, Bipin tells BBC. 

59-year-old Ganatra isn’t a professional fireman. This ordinary man worked odd jobs all his life but his zeal for voluntarily fighting fire is what makes him a real fireman.


“You can say, I have only one interest in life. Fires.”

Over four decades, he has doused out more than 100 fires, rescued people and cleaned up the debris that ensued. 


For someone without formal knowledge of fire-fighting; he is exceptionally talented. He almost works like a professional now. 


He has been awarded a rare volunteer’s steel ID card for his services.


Mr. Ganatra doesn’t sleep much. He “hunts” fires by watching the news on his TV (gifted by friends), all day and night. Whenever a news of a blaze breaks, he calls up the fire brigade HQ, takes a taxi and goes to the site. He is a part-time electrician, otherwise. 

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