I’m sure everyone must have wondered about this at least a couple of times. I know I did. I mean, anyone with common sense would have definitely realised that the helmets which are passed on as ‘ladies’ helmets’ aren’t exactly the most reliable ones. 

And this Reddit user proved that I wasn’t the only one who had this question.

Telegraph India

If you don’t know what kind of helmet I’m talking about, 

this is a normal helmet.

HJC Motors

This is a ladies’ helmet.


Did you spot the difference?

It has no jaw protection. I mean, just like the Reddit thread asks, 

“Do women have jaws made of steel?”

It’s also astonishing to know that these helmets are totally acceptable by the law. They barely cover half of the face!


According to reports, at least one lac people die in India due to road accidents. For a country whose roads aren’t exactly the safest, people should take all necessary precautions while driving.

What kind of protection would a half-ass helmet provide? According to common sense, if a biker meets with an accident, the likelihood of him/her hitting the road jaw-first is highest.

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Like the Reddit threads also adds, “What good is an intact skull if shards of bone from your jaw are embedded way back into your cerebrum?”

All of us need to understand that safety comes first and if we can afford to buy a two-wheeler, we can also afford to invest in a proper full-face helmet.

Women Riders Now

Manufacturers need to realise that there is no difference in gender when it comes to our physical safety and a jaw is a jaw. 

Ladies need sensible and reliable helmets too. Please provide them with what’s needed and not with what looks good.