Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s the little things that totally ruin our day. Although women, in general, have a greater threshold for nonsense, there are days when even the best of us feel helpless and frustrated over little things. But ladies, all is not lost. Here are some hacks that can rescue you from the horror of a bad day:

1. Match your boring shoes to your favourite dress with a few coloured tapes. Easy-peasy!

You’ve just bought a lovely dress but couldn’t find matching shoes for it? Here’s a simple trick. Customize your boring ballerinas with a colored tape, spray fix it and you are all set to conquer!

2. Get creative with your jeans by using patchwork to cover those unwanted tears and rips.

Get clever with patchwork and turn your ripped jeans into a work of art!

3. Make your canvas shoes waterproof with this awesome hack.

Now you can wear your favourite canvas shoes even in the rains. Just coat them with beeswax and make them waterproof!

4. Double up your wardrobe space without busting a hole in the wall.

Too many outfits but too little space to keep them? Use little tabs from soda cans to make double clothes hangers.

5. Make all your stiff tees super comfortable in just a few days.

All you need to do is soak your cotton T-shirt in salt water for about 3 days, and then wash it normally. I bet you’ll fall in love with that vintage softness!

6. New or old, all your shoes will be your best friend after this little trick.

Stretch your shoes a bit with this cool trick. Half fill a couple of zip-lock bags with water, seal them, and then place them in your shoes overnight in the freezer. Repeat if needed. 

7. Get rid of unwanted hair swiftly and smoothly in one quick stroke.

Discovered you have pricky legs while getting dressed for that first date? Just turn to your trusted Gillette Venus and step out in that LBD like a boss!