We’ve all loved Barney Stinson from HIMYM a little too much. From the way he talks to his crisp suits, his sass level is something we’ve all admired. In fact, Barney Stinson is the man that got a lot of us interested in laser tag. But unfortunately, for those of us who want to try it out, there are a very few places that offer it and they’re almost always too far away.

But all that is going to change thanks to this amazing place in HKV called Barney’s Den!

From the quirky graffiti to the memorable quotes, Barney’s Den has the perfect ambiance for anyone who loves HIMYM. 

That AND the great equipment which offers games for beginners and pro-level laser tag players make it very hard to not convince the squad for a weekend game.

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In fact, they offer over 10 types of games you can play. What’s more? They even reserve on an hourly basis AND customise games just for you and your squad. So, if you’re bored with all that clubbing and expensive drinking in HKV, just step into this cool den.

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And like Barney would say, there’s something even more legen (wait for it) dary about this place: they have no qualms with bringing their whole laser tag set to your office so when you and your team have had a real bad day, you can indulge in some crazy after-work stuff. 

Try not to get too passive aggressive though.

We cannot wait to try this one out!