Words. They make or break us. They help us say what would otherwise go unsaid. They are our voice and without words, nobody could have ever expressed their feelings to anyone. Without words, the unsaid would have forever remained unsaid.

Life is nothing but a treasure trove of memories and in the context of words, it really boils down to two unforgettable events. First, when you utter your first words as a child when your parents can’t hold back their happy tears and second, the last words you will ever say. When it’s time to say goodbye.

Last words can be haunting, they can haunt you for life. There is something about those final words. They tell a different story altogether, a story which is a blend of something weird and something magical. It says a lot about how you sign off from your life. And just to put things into perspective, here are the last words of 18 famous personalities which will break your heart.

Design Credits: Utkarsh Tyagi & Gauri Saxena