1. Everyone has their own struggles. Even the ones with perfect lives on Instagram!

You don’t share the sad, more disturbing parts of your life on Instagram, right? Everything is filtered and meant to look exciting. It’s the same for everyone else so don’t for once think otherwise!


2. You may like your sense of style today but a few years later, you’ll definitely hate it.

Looking back at old pictures is never fun, right? As we grow older, we also change the way we look at style. That expensive dress you can’t do without right now? For all you know, you’ll hate it in a couple of years.


3. Not having anyone around when you’re crying is okay.

The moment we have no one around to wipe our tears is when we realize that life is never going to be easy. 


4. Not everything needs to be shared on social media.

What you do in your private life should remain private. And anyway, no one cares!


5. It’s important to have an opinion!

Considering the times we live in, you can’t afford to keep quiet. Have opinions, express them and stand by them. As often as you can!


6. Sometimes, the best way to deal with someone is to give them the silent treatment.

As teenagers, we thought tit-for-tat is the only right thing to do. But sometimes, the harshest weapon is actually giving them cold silence instead.


7. Judging people too soon will make you lose out on some great people.

That classmate you thought was too shy? He’s highly creative and majorly accomplished. The person you didn’t find good-looking? He’s actually a great human being! 


8. Life is not just about a Saturday night!

Don’t spend your entire week waiting for that one night that’ll come and go before you even realise it. Instead of spending all your time, money and energy on a Saturday night, make the most of every other day as well.


9. Your parents can have emotional breakdowns too.

We think our parents are adults so they can handle almost everything. But even they can break down and we need to be there for them like they have been for us.  


10. Everybody has their own definitions of right and wrong.

As someone once said, there’s no such thing as right or wrong as it’s just a difference in opinion. Basically, agree to disagree and respect everyone’s opinion. 


11. Rather than focusing on what not to say, focus on how to say it.

Carefully putting your thoughts across is the biggest, most important skill we all need in life. 


12. People are almost never thinking about you.

We spend A LOT of time what people are thinking about us. Unfortunately, they’re too busy with their own life!


13. Life is not like it’s shown in the movies.

Remember your first day at college? It wasn’t anything like it’s shown in the movies, right?


14. You eventually get over everything and everyone.

The thing about life is that it always moves on. And even though you think you won’t, so do you. 


15. Sometimes, a job is just a way to pay the bills.

We all wanted to be doctors, engineers and astronauts. But we all know how life turned out and sadly, paying bills has become more important than our dreams. Sad but true!


16. It’s okay to be who you are.

You are unique. You are fabulous. You are you. And that’s fine!


17. Being alone does not mean you are lonely.

Spending some time with just your own self is important. It helps you keep up when life gets way too overwhelming! 


18. Sleep is the most important thing in life. 

There’s nothing that a good night’s sleep can’t cure. Nothing!


If you have more such things, let us know in the comments section below.