To all the lost pilots, we are sorry.

In a world where most of us walk aimlessly through life, you dared to fly.

And fly for us.

We are sorry we didn’t acknowledge that enough.

You could have done anything you wanted to do. 

But you chose to serve us. 

We are sorry we didn’t appreciate that enough. 

Hindustan Times

You risked your lives with every flight, never asking for anything in return.

We are sorry we were incapable of giving you anything in return.


You had a spine of steel, stronger than metals they use in planes. 

You knew that well but you went anyway. 

Someone has to, you used to say.

We are sorry if we ever took that for granted, we are sorry we couldn’t stop you in time.

YouTube/Times of India

You lost your lives in the process of ensuring our safety.

And the least we could have given you was well functioning planes. 

We are sorry that we didn’t demand that from the government.

The engines that stopped working.

The parachutes that didn’t open. 

The signals that couldn’t reach you. 

They could have been easily managed. 

India Today

But the nation that you made your priority, never returned the favour. 

We’d change it if we could. We are sorry that we can’t. 

Daily Pioneer

As your brother recalls your childhood games. 

And your mother recalls your innocent tantrums.

We can only offer them condolences. We are sorry we can’t do more. 

We apologise now because we didn’t thank you before. 

We are sorry for being so late.

There is still a lot to say, but we will leave it for another day.

You left the planet with many a scar, but we hope you are flying wherever you are.