As a biker, I’ve learned a few things about life by being in a committed relationship with my ride. And mind you, these things have stuck with me over the years like anything. Why? Maybe because it has taught me these things the hard way, the right way. Here are 10 life lessons that I learned on the saddle of my ride:



When riding, just like in life a sure-fire way to hit the ground is to look at it. Why? Because when you’re always looking at the ground you can’t see what’s going on around you, in front of you, or in the distance.



Whenever you decide to go out for a spin you need to be aware of your surroundings. You need to understand that you aren’t just responsible for your safety but, you also need to look out for morons who drive around you. If you’re going to ride safely, you have to be constantly thinking about other people.



When I was in college, my usual route had a rail barrier on the way that was almost always down. One day, I decided that I would take the longer route just to avoid the traffic jam. Long story short: I had to stop multiple times to ask for directions and reached home later than usual, but driving through the narrow lanes winding through fields of green made the experience worth it. 



If you ask me what my best memories of a road trip are, I would tell you about the time when my family and I got lost on a road trip and ended up having to spend the night in a tribal colony in the middle of a forest. Reaching your destination aside, a journey is called so because of the memories that come with it.  



Ignore what your friends say about your bike/car being your “Significant Other” (or SO, as the millennials call it.) The reason our fathers’ and grandfathers’ cars worked for years at a stretch was because they put as much care into them as they would for anything else. Learn from the experts, kids.



I once tried my hands at the Indian ritual of ducking under a level crossing while the barrier was down. Since everyone was doing it, I thought, “How hard can it be?” Let’s just say that my adventure book has only one chapter when it comes level crossing dares.



So, you were making your way down this beautiful mountain road and lost your way, or your car broke down in the middle of literally nowhere. Here’s the time to think on your feet and avoid a nervous breakdown. You should be independent enough to operate the GPS, check your engine, and if need be, change the tyres by yourself. 



So, you thought you were fast enough to run a red light but got caught, or crashed your car doing exactly the thing your dad told you not to do. It’s not a big deal: own up to it, pay your fines, learn from it and move on. This goes for everything in life, actually.



If you’ve ever wondered why drivers have such special relationships with their rides? When the going gets tough, hopping on the back of your ride and going far away (or really, just driving around the city) with your thoughts and your trusted little ride works better than any medicine. 


b’Image Source: Piaggio’

And that race is not just about winning, but also about not giving up. It is not just about the adrenaline rush, but also about the amount of hard work you’ve put in. It is not about accepting challenges, but about undertaking tasks that test your limits. Now that’s how you #bearacer!

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