People really can be painfully hurtful sometimes. And it isn’t because they have anything against you, but simply because sometimes, somehow, we’re capable of a shocking amount of insensitivity. And sadly, it happens far too often. K5 News reported an incident took place in Washington, US on Wednesday morning when a little boy had an allergic reaction on a flight and ended causing a 90-minute delay in take-off.

He was eventually escorted off the plane and as this happened, the passengers of the flight began clapping.

7-year old Giovanni was travelling with his parents when he began to develop an itch that turned out to be a reaction to the dogs on the plane. The airplane staff was barely helpful and the delay caused by the reaction annoyed the rest of the passengers to the extent that they actually applauded the family’s exit from the aircraft.

What didn’t know was that this trip was supposed to be a special experience for the little boy and his family.

His father George Alvarado is a terminal patient of Stage IV throat cancer and the family was headed home to be with their relatives in this difficult time.

While the airline offered their apologies to the family, the crowd’s insensitivity left Giovanni and his parents feeling thoroughly shocked and saddened.

“That made me really sadder when I was already sad. I’m sad this has to be a memory with my Dad.”… “People who do not have sadness, they don’t understand what it feels like to have sadness.”

As a father, George could simply shake his head and watch hopelessly as the clapping crowd of passengers fell appallingly short on common courtesy.

Watch the saddening report here:

Is this what it’s come down to? How impatient are we as a people that we don’t even flinch before putting down a little boy in actual discomfort because it made us wait a while?

Let me leave you with the wise words of a broken father, George. Let us all find a lesson in them.

“You don’t know how much time people have or why they’re hurting. Just be nice. Be kind.”