The Internet has given us many awesome things. For instance, it has literally brought down the walls of the world. It has given us free access to information and well, YouTube. However, it has given us some little joys for which we all will be eternally grateful. Things like:

1. Games like Candy Crush, that have become our go-to pastime when we are bored.

2. Websites like 9gag that are a constant source of laughter.

3. Anonymous stalking! Thanks, Zuckerberg!

4. Free Internet calling to any part of the world. Now, calling a friend in the states doesn’t pinch the pocket.

5. And while we are on the subject of free, how about all those unlimited texts we send to our friends for which we never have to pay?

6. Video calling through the Internet makes it easier to catch up with friends when meeting them is not possible.

7. We should certainly be thankful for online shopping. We can now buy whatever we desire without even stepping outside the house.

8. Thanks to the Internet, we can now stream unlimited movies and music without any problems.

9. The Internet has assured us that no matter where we are, we will never get lost. Free navigation! Woohoo

10. Getting first-hand information about our favourite celebrities is so much easier. All we have to do is follow them on various social media platforms and we are up to date with all the tinsel town gossip.

11. Thanks to cloud storage, we now can store our documents without the fear of losing them. And the best part is that these documents can be accessed from anywhere.

12. The fact that the Internet has given us a public voice is something we all should be thankful for!

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