Lifestyles of the rich and famous. You may have heard that phrase being thrown around here and there, but it’s hard to really visualise what that exactly it entails. We mostly think big houses, lots of cars, champagne maybe? But that’s just like, the outer coating man. If you really want to know what a palace at the tippy fuckin’ top of the bling brigade looks like, take a look at this massive GTA level mansion below.


This happens to be the most expensive house in the US of A. Price? $250 million .


It comes with 12 rooms, an entire supercar collection, a massive pool, a cinema, and a whole lot of other additions. Fuckin’ hell!


This 38,000-square-foot Bel-Air mansion also has a helicopter, an art collection and 21 bathrooms! Why are there so many bathrooms?!


Earlier though, we’d only gotten glimpses of this house through numerous, increasingly envy-inducing images. Thanks to this video by Hilton & Hyland however, there’s more info about what exactly is inside this haven of hedonism, and it. Is. Glorious. Watch!

Hot damn, those are some sweet digs!