How do you know you’re good looking? 

Is it when you’re getting multiple compliments a day? Or, is it when you have people falling for you, literally and figuratively? Is it when you’ve won some sort of beauty pageant? Or, when your Instagram selfies get more ‘likes’ than most people around? 

If you’ve ever wondered whether you’re what they call ‘good-looking’, sit down for a moment and think. Has anyone ever hated you for no rhyme or reason? Have you felt all eyes on you, judging you for how you look, every single day? Have people at work questioned your talent because looks and intelligence are mutually exclusive? Have people in general considered you dumb without even having a decent conversation? Are you considered bitchy, arrogant and snooty, no matter where you go?

If the answer to any or all of the above questions is a ‘yes’, then, you’ve officially been declared good-looking! 

Doesn’t sound like such a great deal, right? Contrary to what people might tell you, being good-looking is rarely such a good thing. Rather, people around you will make sure it isn’t!

Confidential Files

There’s much more to looking good than it’s made out to be.

Firstly, you don’t wake up to a zillion WhatsApp messages every morning. It’s not that, at any given point of time, there are at least 10 people vying and dying to be with you. Yes, you get a certain number of compliments but then, you also get a lot of stares, a lot of checking-out and tons of comments. Mostly, it’s all a bit too much to handle! 

Imagine walking into any new place. It could be a new office, a friend’s house party or, say, even a mall. Even before you’ve made yourself comfortable, you know you’ve been judged. Even before you’ve exchanged pleasantries, people have already given out their verdict. And that verdict is rarely in your favour.

From being considered unintelligent to not being taken seriously for anything beyond fashion and make-up, pretty people have seen it all. For all those who envy good-lookers for all the ‘attention’ they get, here’s something that’ll make you feel much better. This attention-getting isn’t half as rosy as it sounds. For the most part, it’s rather alienating. Most people never approach you because for them, you’re way out of their league. And then, there are those who’d rather be with someone ‘simple’. 

Most anyway think you’re promiscuous because if you’re so good-looking, how can you not utilize your best assets, right? 

You must be hanging out with so many people!

If I had your face, I’d be painting the town red!

Because if you look good, why care about loyalty and commitment, right? Thankfully, morality isn’t an overrated virtue. Not yet, at least.


Things get worse when you’re at work. 

Your colleagues hate you. Because they think you’ve been hired only because you look good and most probably your boss has a thing for you. That also explains why you’ve got an early promotion and a considerable salary hike. Or, for them, you’re the pretty one who doesn’t have to do much apart from smiling coyly to have your way around. Eye candy at work, anyone? 

As for your boss, if you’re great looking, you don’t have much to say. Try voicing out your opinion in a meeting and see how everyone looks at you with shock. Did you have something remotely consequential to say regarding work? What? How could you have an intelligent opinion? You’re just pleasing to the eye. And you can’t have any other purpose in life! 

Basically, if you look good, you’re doomed. 

You Queen

Forget about being taken seriously. Forget about being valued for your personality traits. Get ready for a lifelong struggle trying to prove your talent. Get set to deal with random people calling you dumb. 

Who said looking good made life easier? Who claimed that good-looking people have a smoother, hurdle-free life? Whoever it was, it wasn’t someone who looked good! 

Life isn’t so great if you’ve won the genetic lottery. Yeah, you’ll get loads of attention at a party. But then, life isn’t just a Saturday night, right?

Looking good may be great when you’re at a bar but it’s not so good when you’re in the boardroom!