It is a proven fact that regardless of just how rewarding the work itself is, the way employees are treated plays a huge role in how long they stick around. And food is a big part of ‘treating’ your employees well.

And I believe we can trust the best workplaces in the world to treat their employees to the very best of food and service, come lunch time.

‘Cause why else would they BE the best workplaces in the first place? For the work?! Don’t be silly!


1. Facebook

The Epic Cafe at Facebook has American and Asian cuisines and the best chefs preparing them for the Facebook gang.

Huffington Post

A salad bar made of dreams. And the freshest produce, too.

Huffington Post

All the employees have free and unlimited access to all of them goodies.

Huffington Post

And I’ll be damned if I described them as anything short of marvellous.

Huffington Post

2. Google

With an entire world class culinary team bringing you a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu that changes daily, there isn’t much that your taste buds are left desiring.

Boston Globe

It’s a garden of fresh fruits and veggies all around.

And a variety of world cuisines. *cough* SUSHI *cough*


And all of it is completely free.

The Wall Street Journal

3. Apple

Their on-campus cafeterias are referred to as Caffé Macs and boy are they a foodie’s paradise!


They serve everything from Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and French meals for lunch,


To a mouthwatering range of ice-creams and desserts for those with a sweet tooth.

Huffington Post

4. Twitter

In a cafeteria named @birdfeeder, they’ve got all an employee could ask for and more.

Let’s Intern

Their dessert selection will make you wet your… mouth.

And they have designated sections using hashtags like #comfort and #tenderloin. Aww!


I dare you to look away from all this culinary madness.


5. Dropbox

Named the Tuck Shop, this file hosting giant has an employee cafeteria that’ll ensure you pretty much never take days off.


Staffed with chefs from around the world that serve you whatever your heart desires.


And platters of magnificent foods that’ll make your tummy sing.


6. Pixar

Cafe Luxo at the Pixar headquarters looks like food central with as much space as you caould ask for to have an absolutely chilled out lunch hour.


With the aroma of freshly baking and warm lighting, you’d never want to leave.

And the food will leave you devastated. Not just because it’s bloody delicious, but so adorably presented. I mean, look at these nest cupcakes!


7. Microsoft

Cafe 16 on the Microsoft campus has as wide a selection of cuisines at the sweetest of prices.

Let’s Intern

Their fresh selections will make your head spin.


And they have some of the best steaks on offer. Talk about motivational tools.

Business Insider

8. Trip Advisor

Their travel-inspired market-style food hall has flags from around the world on the walls to remind the employees of their purpose.

CN Traveler

Named The Hungry Owl, the Trip Advisor cafeteria is likely to keep you happy.

Business Insider

With the a la carte menus that would rock your world.

A frozen yogurt bar.

Business Insider

And a gas-fired oven pizza and a make-your-own sandwiches station.

Business Insider

9. LinkedIn

This professional networking giant knows the professional world well enough to know what gets employees going.

Biz Journals

Hence the supercool In Cafe.


LinkedIn employees have rated their free food lunches at an average 4.78 out of 5 stars. Need I say more?

Business Insider

*wipes drool from face* So tell me now, how happy exactly are you at you current workplace?