Do you remember the times when taking a shower was just a sight you saw in movies? In reality, all your baths were possible thanks to your mugga-baalti.

Hippie In Heels

These days no one has the time to fill up a whole bucket and waste their time. However, some genius probably got too nostalgic while taking a long shower. You know, one of those, ‘making life decisions while naked and wet’ times? Yeah, those ones.

The Cusp

So, if you want to go back to your bucket days, you’re in luck! Introducing the ‘TumbleRain’ whose tagline is literally –  ‘Rediscover the thrill of bucket bath’.


It promises to take you back to a simpler time. I just hope those simpler times don’t include waiting to fill the bucket with hot water first followed by cold water to get the right temperature. 


The TumbleRain looks a shower with a bucket-like fitting attached below the shower head. Balti in a shower? Yeh toh amazeballs hai.

So, if you have Rs 56,100 lying around to treat yourself to a balti-shower, the TumbleRain is all yours.


Ab balti utha kar sar pe paani nahi daalna padega.