Every day when you think you have probably seen the worst there could be, the world seems to be ready with a cruel surprise. We came across this Instagram account that hits a new low of being creepy. 

The man behind the account apparently films himself groping women in public and evidently takes a lot of pride in it.

Just running my eyes over these hashtags makes my stomach churn. How can someone be such a filthy pervert?

I guess I should not be surprised, given his bio reads like this.

The fact that someone like him has over 1.6k followers is appalling!!

The account was discovered by someone who was looking for blouse designs.

The video goes into slow mo when he is performing the disgusting act.

He has like-minded followers as is evident through the comments on his videos.

While on one hand, the world is coming together in protecting women against sexual assault, it’s depressing to see these kind of things are still going on. And this is not a one man thing, he has people egging him on which is undoubtedly encouraging him.

Will there ever be an end to all this?