If I had a rupee for every time I stopped on the streets to pet a cute, lonely-looking dog, I wouldn’t have to save ketchup sachets from the food I get delivered at home. I’d be a bottle girl.

So if a random stranger got his checkered half-pants in a twist because I showed love to an adorable furry friend, needless to say, I’d be pretty shocked.

Which is pretty much exactly what happened to Navneet Khurana, who simply came out to feed a stray dog in her society and another resident ambushed her with his absolutely uncalled for verbal attack.

Khurana definitely did not see this coming when she stepped out to feed the harmless local dog, Tiger. This gentleman that brazenly identifies himself on the video as Col. S.P. Yadav harangued her in the most un-gentlemanly manner.

Apart from calling her “shameless”, and a “mad woman” (for feeding a dog, mind you), he even threatened to “sort [her] out!”

Now, I’ll have you all know that according to the Animal Welfare Board of India, while one of the clauses does clearly state that strays cannot be fed in/around residential areas without the consent of the community, another clause makes it clear that intimidating and/or interfering with those caring for community strays is tantamount to criminal intimidation.

And this was an unmistakable instance of grave intimidation indeed!

Watch the complete video right here:

I genuinely believe that even if Yadav ji had real concerns about strays possibly harming the residents of the society, the least he could’ve done was be a bit civil about expressing these concerns.

But when at the end of the video, he returns and out of sheer anger, throws a stone at the dog (who was nowhere near him, btw)… I’m quite convinced he lost the respect of even those who DO see stray dogs as a threat in residential areas.

All this from an ex-army man? *sigh* Is that famous army tehzeeb just a myth, Colonel sahab?