There are some people for whom helping people in need comes way above their own comfort. These empathetic people are making the world a better place, one incident at a time.

Yesterday, a guy named Aman, found a mere 3-5 day old baby girl abandoned in a closed-up auto rickshaw in Mumbai.

He immediately tweeted the picture of the child, asking for help.

People suggested that he call the cops. However, Aman had already tried that and the cops were not responding.

Thanks to the quick-thinking of another user, he tagged Mumbai Police in his next tweet, who promptly responded.

In fact, Mumbai police got into action, even before tweeting about it.

Just a minute after, Mumbai police had responded over Twitter, Aman tweeted this picture of a policewoman holding the baby in her arms.

All the action had been taken within minutes.

This incident highlights how powerful and helpful social media can be.

After this, people were concerned about the further health and status of the baby, so Aman kept updating them with the same.

The baby’s condition improved after she received care and nourishment. However, Aman rightly didn’t stop just there, he took the baby to the hospital so that she could be nursed completely to health.

The next obvious step for the baby is adoption and Aman is overseeing even that. 

We feel really happy that angels like Aman exist and he did so much for the baby. Even Mumbai police thanked Aman for his efforts. 

Amidst all the violence and the hate going on in the world, such stories restore our faith in humanity.

Though it is really sad that the vulnerable infant was abandoned just like that, however, it is a consolation that she will live to have a good life.