We’ve all pictured living in the house of our dreams, haven’t we? 

For most of us, the dream house is the same – fancy interiors, a large swimming pool and a garden to sunbathe in. 

But this man’s idea of a dream house is different.

Meet Bruce Campbell who has been living in an airplane for 6 months, which he bought for $100,000 in 1999, and transformed it himself.  


It took him almost two decades to convert this abandoned Boeing 727 into a living space in the woods of Japan.

It consists of a custom-built shower and two restrooms. While the wings serve as a deck, the cockpit is a reading room.


With 1,066 square feet of interior space, Bruce made use of every little space he had according to his utility.


Campbell is not an ordinary man. He belongs to Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA), a group of men that turn retired planes into homes and other creative hubs. 


Who wouldn’t want to live here? 


On why a plane is a great place to live, Campbell told Atlas Obscura

That it is durable and can easily be clean due to sealed pressure canisters keeping dust and insects out, and lots of storage space.

He added:

It’s a great toy, Trick doors, trick floors. Hatches here, latches there.

Also, he isn’t the first person to make an airplane his home. 

Another house in the remote hills of Malibu was designed by David Hertz Architects using airplane wings to make a roof, when Francie Rehwald, the owner, put forward the request of a roof structure that would allow for an unobstructed view of the mountain range and distant views. 

The house is called The Wing House

You can watch the video here:

Well looks like abandoned planes are in high demand.