Mark Ruffalo has some amazing roles under his belt. From San Francisco Police Detective investigating a mysterious killer in Zodiac, to being the cool sperm donor/dad in The Kids Are All Right, to simply smashing the bad guys as The Hulk, Ruffalo has done it all. But he’s still a normal dude. In fact he’s that dude who loses his wallet and calls out for help. Lucky for him, he has some solid fans.

Source – Trendom

During the dreaded blizzard in US, that has rocked the East-coast, Ruffalo lost his belongings, including his wallet and phone. So, he did what any 21st century celebrity would do.

He turned to Twitter.

Yep, in some ways, it was a very valuable phone.

There were Sean Penn jokes thrown around.

But then there were those who shared genuine tips.

The actor was overwhelmed with all the attention his lost phone and wallet were getting.

And then, just as if it were a fairy tale, someone found it!

Can you freaking believe it? It took less than twenty minutes!

The heroes of the hour? The Brown family, who not only found Ruffalo’s belongings, but also kept his details to themselves. Here’s Mark’s tweet where he posted the promised selfie with the finders.

Bravo, social media! Bravo!