I don’t know what it’ll be like for me, but if things like that do happen then I think this might be the one person who will see life smiling back at him. This nameless hero is in the third year of his M.B.B.S and drives an auto rickshaw in Bangalore. 

When the reaper comes knocking, what will we remember? When life flashes before your eyes, what will you see? Perhaps all the time flown by like sand from a clenched fist.



It was just chance that Vineeth Vijayan happened to sit in his auto on that day. He recounts that it was to see his friends mother at medical college and that he had a severe pain in his back. But it was what happened when he arrived that burned the incident into his memory. 

Upon reaching destination, I asked him “how much” and in return he pointed to a box kept near to his seat & replied “Put anything that you think is satisfactory for this ride”.

His curiosity had been aroused by this enigmatic young man. Just who was he to receive such a warm reception from the guard at the college. It seemed like more than just strangers who knew each other by a hello and a smile. So he asked the guard. This was his response.

“He is 2nd to the 4 children of his parents. His dad expired earlier,and has elder brother paralysed. He got two younger sisters.

No, not all heroes wear capes. They’re not loud or flashy. They just are and they keep doing what they’re doing, even if no one is ever the wiser. They just keep at it.

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