People have been reading palms since time immemorial, to predict the future in terms of love, health and money. If you think that sounds like a bit of a selfish scam, you’re probably right. Either way, it’s still a fun thing to do, and a lot of people swear by it.

Chiromancy is the ancient art of studying the lines on the hand to describe the person’s future. Some people have the letter ‘M’ on their palms, made by the three major lines, namely – The heart, the head and life. Apparently, if you have an ‘M’ on your palm, you’re special, and not in the bad way.

People with an ‘M’ on their palm are natural leaders and are destined for success in life, according to ancient ‘tradition’. They have a strong intuition, and can rarely be deceived, especially in the case of women. 

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