It is common knowledge that dogs are basically awesome and will lift your spirits when everything seems to be going wrong for you. They love you and they love you. If you having a ruff day, you can always turn to them to cheer you up instantly. 

Meet one such pawdorable furry friend, Goofy.

OPN Advertising

But he is more than just your furry friend. This 10-year-old Lhasa Apso is an HR Manager at an Indian advertising agency, has a business card and a desk for himself. 

Goofy was a stray who wandered his way into OPN advertising’s office in Chennai, one day.

Bala Manian, a partner in the company told ScoopWhoop,

“We found him sitting in front of a tea shop. We did not know if he was abandoned or lost his way. We thought of looking for a permanent home for him but then we realised he was too adorable to give away. He grew on us the minute he came into our lives. We did not have the heart to give him away.”

When he is not being cute, this human resource manager is actually getting some serious work done. He sits in all ideation meetings and helps resolve disputes at work. 

OPN Advertising

“He has got the best people skills really. He spends time with newbies especially. He is actually one of the main reasons why people join us.”

OPN Advertising

Studies have shown how having dogs around at work, increases productivity and improves employees’ morale. And Goofy is a champ at that. If anyone has a bad day at work, Goofy is quick to jump to the situation and calm them down.

He sits in all brainstorming sessions with us. And like in all advertising agencies, there are major disagreements. Goofy hates confrontation and calms everyone down. Sometimes when we don’t know which idea to go ahead with, we ask him to pick a card.”

Now that is one seriously hard working HR for you!