ISIS is one of the biggest threats the world is facing right now. Their war against humanity in the name of religion is something that everybody knows about. But while they pollute the planet with their deeds, there are many brave souls putting their lives on the line to shield the world from terror.

Meet one such warrior, Joanna Palani, who left her easy, college life in the November of 2014 for some serious ass-kicking.

While we crib about how unfair life is and complain about everything that’s going wrong around us, Joanna has taken matters into her own hands and is working to make the world a better place. Fighting under the YPG turf has made her a role model for several Syrian girls. 

You wouldn’t tell she’s such a badass just by looking at her. Joanna looks like any other woman you would meet everyday.

She used to be a regular college student in her comfort zone.

A strong idealistic woman who believes in democracy.

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But she’s a lot more than that…

You know what captivated feels like? Of course you don’t! 

Even though I am a fighter, it is difficult for me to read about how a ten-year-old girl is going to die because she is bleeding from a rape.

Instead of just reading about the ISIS atrocities, the bold, compassionate woman decided to do something about it.

She did not worry about her safe return as long as she was making a contribution, Politiken, a Danish daily reported:

If I get captured or killed, I will be proud of why I was killed. If I was afraid of the consequences of going down there, I would not consider it

She trained in the military camp as soon as she arrived in Iraq.

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After fighting for human rights for almost a year, Joanna is back home now. She says her heart feels heavy to have left her comrades behind, but she says these sadistic ISIS ‘soldiers’ are not difficult to deal with.

ISIS fighters are very easy to kill. ISIS fighters are very good at sacrificing their own lives, but Assad’s soldiers are very well-trained and they are specialist killing machines.

Joanna with her Kurdish mates, ready to retaliate!

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Holding her position in a village near an ISIS den. War is a part of everyday life for the Syrian people.

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Apart from her, only 36 of the 64 soldiers she did her military training with are alive.

And this is how badass Joanna wishes good morning on Instagram!

Though she’s back home in Denmark, it looks like her comrades are missing her.

She says she wants to go back soon and fight the ISIS!

Her name says it all!

Right from giving up her comfort to becoming a Kurdish fighter, Joanna has done it all. She now studies politics and philosophy from Copenhagen, Denmark, and we wish her all the very best in her life!