We millennials are sheltered and pampered as fuck. And we love it. But obviously, there are consequences of such an easy upbringing. Like never being able to truly grow up and take care of shit, even as an adult.

Age is just a mental number for us. We still rely on mom and dad for pretty much most of our work. We need their interference at all times, even for the most basic things. You know it’s true.


The simple prospect of filing income tax returns is usually met with blank looks and panicked calls to the parents. You earn a salary but don’t know how to pay your dues. You want to be rich but remain clueless about the investments in your name. You can drive but have no idea about your car insurance plan.

It all sounds like gibberish. It’s boring.

But then again, serious matters are none of our business. Neither is household chores or any kind of big purchase. Like, what savings? A 20-something is not thinking about buying a car someday; it’s just about making it through the month, no matter how much one earns.

Beyond a point, we can’t even blame ourselves. We’ve been raised in cocoons where everything is taken care of before the problem even exists. Family has got your back, yo! They’ll even raise your kids for you. So no goals, thank you very much.


You believe you’re royalty. You’re treated like it. At home. Outside, you’re one of the billions. But you stay blissfully oblivious to the piling responsibilities that’ll surely land on your head like an avalanche someday. What are you going to do then?

I never understood the concept of keeping one’s child away from dealing with issues, something very common in our society. “This conversation is not for kids. Go do something else,” makes sense when it’s being said to a 7 year-old, not a 17 year-old.

Well, when the hell is the kid going to learn?

Which is why most of us are overgrown versions of babies. We couldn’t care less and aren’t anywhere close to being fully independent. Getting a job or making Maggi doesn’t cut it. What do we really have to worry about?


We’ve always had a roof over the head, food on the table, clothes in the wardrobe and money in the pocket, thanks to our 24/7 helplines. There’s always a backup.

We don’t even move out till the very end, if at all. We’re no experts at running a living space, getting paperwork done, dealing with people or taking care of bills. We may not even survive if thrown out into the big, bad world.

Look at teenagers from the west. No comparisons, really, just an example.

They get the fuck out of home latest by 18. They put their money together and travel. They start their own ventures. They don’t trust anyone but themselves. They live alone or with friends and lovers. They cook their own meals. They manage their own mess.

While we just can’t stop asking for free advice whenever we can get it or whining about how life is so tough when we haven’t even experienced it yet. We sure could learn a thing or two from these guys.


Random time pass won’t last too long. We’ll have to face the music sooner or later. Which is why instead of giving our time to short-term drama, maybe we should focus on building some sort of a solid future we can lead.

That begins with the small milestones. Take interest in what seems uninteresting. Ask lots of questions. If you’re of age, be a part of family discussions. Do your own tasks. Live without any kind of support for a while. Don’t go running for help at the smallest roadblock. Say no to dependency. And have a hell lot of fun.

It’ll do you so much good. Trust me.