Agreed, some sounds in the world are truly deserving of all the annoyance they elicit – be it nails on a chalkboard, a metal fork on a metal plate, the screeching sound of an electric drill or the muffled, yet distinct shuffling of shoes on the floor.

Well, undoubtedly loud chewing and slurping have to be on that list too. But if you’ve had extremely negative emotions or physical responses to it, then you may suffer from a condition called Misophonia, says Boredom Therapy.

Sick Chirpse

Misophonia literally stands for ‘the hatred of sound’.

While people suffering from this condition don’t react negatively to all sounds and have specific triggers, a whopping majority of the triggers have been related to the mouth. We speak of chewing, slurping and swallowing, to be precise.

Pop Key

Allow me to mention specifically, that the discomfort that people with misophonia experience when exposed to the sound, is far more serious than an ordinary irritation.

Exposure to trigger noises, such as loud chewing or slurping, causes concern-worthy torment to them and can elicit negative and extreme reactions.


So if you can relate to this, just know that it’s an actual condition and you’re certainly not alone.

And even if you don’t suffer from it, here’s hoping that the next time you’re dining with people, you’ll be careful not to inadvertently drive someone crazy with your chewing!