When it comes to being a true animal lover, no matter how expensive an animal might be, you still contemplate getting one for yourself, don’t you? And why wouldn’t you. Animals are loyal, they are great companions and the best stress busters. A jump, a lick and a cuddle is all you need and the world really does seem like a better place. 

If you’re a part of the population that loves animals more than humans, then this is for you. For people who love animals, birds, insects and bees alike, here are some of the most expensive pets in the world: 

1. Green Monkey

Auctioned for $16,000,000 in 2009.

No, it’s not a monkey. It’s actually a thoroughbred American racehorse, fathered by another thoroughbred American racehorse, called Forestry. According to a report by CNBC, the first time Green Monkey raced, he ran an eighth of a mile in just under 9.8 seconds. Now that’s super fast. Unfortunately, he suffered an injury and hasn’t been able to duplicate that speed ever since.


2. Miss Missy

Estimated worth up to $1,200,000

Miss Missy belongs to the Holstein breed of cows. She’s a show cow with many winning titles to her name. Want to know how productive she is? She produces 50% more milk than your average cow. Not a bad deal, right?


3. Sir Lancelot Encore

Estimated worth up to $16,000,000

When Nina and Edgar’s beloved Labrador, Sir Lancelot passed away suddenly, they could not bear the loss. So, the couple decided to make an attempt and have him cloned. After spending $155,000 and endless days hoping to get their own dog again, Sir Lancelot Encore was born. World’s first cloned dog, Lancey, as he’s dearly called, is now father to a couple of litters of his own. 


4. Tibetan Mastiff 

Estimated worth up to $582,000

World’s largest dog, Tibetan Mastiffs are like the dog version of a ferocious lion. These dogs were originally guard dogs, trained to protect livestock, palaces and monasteries back in the day. True-blooded Tibetan Mastiffs are rare and they can fetch a price that is out of your bounds. The last rare Tibetan Mastiff was sold for a whopping $1.5 million in 2011.


5. White Lion Cubs

Estimated worth up to $140, 000

This breed of lions were first spotted in 1938 and they were rare back then. The colour mutation was first seen among the lions of the Timbavati area and is responsible for the white fur and the light eyes of these animals. It is believed that the recessive genes in both the parents is responsible for the pristine white colour of the cubs.


6. Arabian Horse

Estimated worth up to $100,000

The Arabian horse is a class apart. The royal among horses, this horse has a perfect athletic body, chiseled neck, high tail and a beautifully arched back that makes him stand out among the others. 


7. Stag Beetle

Estimated worth up to $89,00

Who would keep a beetle as a pet, right? Well, what can we say. The world is a strange place and there are some enthusiasts. With an estimated life span of 7 years, the stag beetle is a prized possession of many. Its antlers and mandibles are quite an exquisite factor that makes them worthy of what they’re worth.  


8. Savannah Cat

Estimated worth up to $12,000

The stride of a Savannah cat is something to look at. A hybrid between a serval and a domestic cat, they’re majestic creatures. They have tall, slender, dainty bodies and are unlike the other cats. They are friendlier, playful and surprisingly, they love playing in water. 


9. Lavender Albino Ball Python 

Estimated worth up to $40,000

Just like the white lions, Lavender albinos are a product of recessive genes. Their yellow markings and red eyes make them one of the world’s most beautiful snakes. Although, they might look scary, they are perfect as pets. 


10. Palm Cockatoo 

Estimated worth up to $16,000

Also known as the Goliath Cuckatoo, the bird is known for its beautiful crest, its long beak and its red cheek patch that changes colour when the bird gets excited. Originally from New Guinea, these birds make exotic pets for many famous people. 


11. Hyacinth Macaw 

Estimated worth up to $14,000

One of the largest species of macaw, the Hyacinth can be found in the areas of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. Their distinctive bright blue and yellow colour and their large beak are some of the exquisite features that make them stand out. 


12. De Brazza’s Monkey 

Estimated worth up to $10,000

One of the oldest monkeys around, De Brazza’s monkey is named after an Italian explorer by the name of Pietro Savorgnan di Brazza. The monkey has an orange-coloured crest on its head and a white muzzle from his nose down that makes it look like an old man’s beard. Needless to say, quite a stunning looking creature it is.  


13. Toucan

Estimated worth up to $8,000

Toucans’ dark body with some red spread on its neck and hinds is what makes them stand out. These birds are native to the Caribbean region, northern parts of South America and Southern Mexico. Because of their bright colourful beak, they are capable of eating all kinds of nuts that might be poisonous for other birds. 


14. Ayam Cemani Chicken

Estimated worth up to $2,500

A rare breed of chicken from Indonesia, this fowl is called the Lamborghini of chickens. And believe it if you can, this chicken is all black. From the bones, the meat and the tongue, everything is black!


15. Chimpanzees

Estimated worth up to $60,000

Chimpanzees share 98% of our genetic blueprint and are considered to be our closest relatives. They are intelligent, they are smart and they are very amicable. They can live up to 60 years and can be trained to speak as well. And having a chimpanzee friend is kinda going to be cool, right? You will, of course, have to check if having one as a pet is legal in your country or not. 


So, how much are you willing to spend for a pet?